Fast Crafting

This is my five minute craft project. Really, it takes under one minute to add a little color to used can, but by the time I brainstormed, made it, shot it, blogged it, we're talking more like five minutes. OK, it's been closer to ten minutes, but hopefully you got the point.
I'm sure there's not a DIYer around who doesn't have a bunch of paint swatches lying around. As you might guess, I've been playing around with the idea of adding an iro no shibuki (that's splash of color for those of you who don't speak sort-of-on-a-good-day-if-you-stick-to-topics-I-know Japanese) in the coral family to my grey walls. Picking the perfect shade of coral is hard, but taping two strips of coral paint swatches to a used can is Easy. Not just easy, but easy with a capital E.

That's all for today. Hope you all enjoy the weekend!


Vanessa said…
Thanks Amanda!
* ~

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