Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Flowers in a Jar

Whenever I get blogger's block (you know, like a writing block), I just take a picture of some flowers and call it a day. Today was easy because, as I was rounding up over 200 digital pictures to print out, I came across a few never-seen-before flower pictures.  I took this one back in our old apartment in Kitasenju, Tokyo. The squirrel in the background looks a little psycho, like it's planning an attack on my arrangement, but under regular lighting he looks pretty cute. Now, instead of sitting here trying to think of a clever title for this post, I'm going to think of something quick and hit the publish button so I can start dinner.


Anonymous said...

Those are basket flowers. I have bunches growing here. They are described as a "short living annual," but mine have been blooming nonstop since May when I got them and they are still blooming!

Vanessa said...

Great! I'm sure in Wisconsin they would live up to their description.

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