I'm Dreaming of a Retro Christmas

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I've never thought of Graceland as a source of decorating inspiration ... until now. The white tree is what I'm really after, not the giant peacock over there on the left. I wonder if those presents under the tree were for Lisa Marie?

After searching several shops around town and finding zero big white trees, I turned to the internet. There was a perfect white tree at Target, but of course, it was sold out. There's a 7 footer left, but if I put the tree in the little bay window nook, it'll nearly touch the ceiling.

Finally, I ended up on eBay. I haven't bought anything on eBay in about ten years. I always get that Weird Al Janovich song "I Bought it on eBay" stuck in my head whenever I think about it. Then there was the time a friend-of-a-friend found a really good deal on a coffee table on eBay. It arrived in a padded envelope inside her mailbox. Somehow she'd missed the description of it being dollhouse furniture.

But the perfect size white Christmas tree was there on eBay and calling out my name, so I updated my Paypal account and made the purchase. It's cheaper than the ones at Target and I got free shipping. I just hope it doesn't end up fitting inside my mailbox. I read the product description at least half a dozen times, so I think I'm set.
It's too late to make a long story short, but if you happen to be looking for a retro white Christmas tree, try eBay!


Waseem said…
you decorate the house so beautiful...like it..

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