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It's time to cover these windows. Plan A was to get custom blinds for all 5 windows in the living room, but after I looked into prices, that was out of the question. I thought about going with some inexpensive bamboo shades, but couldn't commit to anything. So that leaves me with curtains.
I thought something bright would look good against the dark grey walls and since I think I'm maxed out on orange accessories, I decided on some yellow. After an exhaustive online and in-store search for some budget-friendly fabric, I only came up with this "Key West" fabric from Calico Corners. It's on sale for $11.99 a yard, but I need 6 yards. Plus grommets. Plus rods. So that would bring my curtain total to $127, which is a little high for me. 
So off to Jo-ann's I went with my 50% off coupon. I thought I'd go with super cheap muslin and paint a pattern on that. But once I got the bolt of muslin in my hands I realized it was too thin and might end up looking like I'd hung sheets in the window. Over in the drapery lining area I found some white $8 ($4 with my coupon) a yard fabric that looked much more appropriate for curtains. So now with my fabric, grommets and rods from World Market, I'm at about $75 total, which is a ton less than buying any of the curtain panels I liked.

Now I just have to practice my brushstrokes before I get started on painting my fabric. My idea is to do a crisscross pattern with bamboo-like stripes, not too unlike the fabric swatch shown in the second picture.

There's not a lot of space on either side of the windows with the walls and fireplace so close, so I hope the curtains don't look odd here.

If the curtains end up looking strange (that's my computer-manipulated yellow curtains up above), I could always try and make Roman shades with the same fabric. Doesn't exactly seem like the easiest sewing project, but I'm feeling pretty confident with my Jaguar these days (that's my little Japanese brand sewing machine). 

Then once I get the curtains up I'll deal with the eyesore that is our fireplace. That screen is so beat up and behind it is worse. It's looking more Halloweenish in there than Happy Holidays. Eek! 

The girls are napping, so it's time to take the Jag for a spin! Check in tomorrow to see my curtain progress. 


Jay Wen said…
I really like your windows... that sounds weird to say but in my home we have windows half that size and it's not very pretty. Can't wait to see what it turns out like with the curtains.
Vanessa said…
Thanks Jay. The windows are one reason I liked this house so much!

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