Vintage Wallpaper From Secondhand Rose

I first heard about Secondhand Rose when I was a photo producer. A set designer I worked with did this adorable backdrop with their wallpaper for a fashion shoot. I wouldn't have dreamed of putting up wallpaper in my Manhattan rental apartment, but more and more, I'm thinking about wallpaper for the house here in Wisconsin.
The cute styling in my some of my Japanese craft books definitely rekindled my love of wallpaper, especially vintage patterns. Oddly enough, we're still in the process of tearing down some real deal vintage wallpaper in our house. I don't want to wallpaper tons of space, like the previous owners did. I just want a teeny bit here and there.
Maybe the closets (especially the kids' room) or pantry are the perfect places for a little zing. It's not so much that I need the closets to look decorated, as I really love these colors and patterns and want to use them somewhere. Wouldn't it be fun to reach for your sweater in the morning and be greeted by a cheery scene?

There's also the half bath, but I still like these papers I mentioned a couple of months ago.

I'm also still considering wallpapering one wall of our bedroom, but don't you know, that will be the last room we get to. I have to at least get some dressers in there before I think about purely decorative stuff.

Wallpaper swatch images via Secondhand Rose (see link above). Catalog and book pictures my own.


Haus and Home said…
Oh fun! There are some amazing vintage wallpapers out there! I need to check out that site! I love the last one-it's so fun and colorful!
Vanessa said…
They are fun, aren't they? Can't wait to put some up!

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