I'm Trendy and I Know It

 I just took a took at Pantone's new Spring 2012 color report and realized that my color choices for the house are oh so trendy. Their color of the year pick is Tangerine Tango, an orangey red. Not so flattering as a fashion or beauty choice, if you ask me. Have you ever noticed what orange lipstick does to your teeth? I love orange for furniture and curtains, though.

I'm not sure if having trendy colors in the house is good or bad. I guess it's not too hard to paint or change the curtains and pillows if things start looking too dated.

Some of Pantone's other color picks for the season are a pastel green, navy and a dark grey called Driftwood (Hey! That's our living room accent wall color!). Check out the color report here.


Mama Luba said…
The splash of pink against somber wood and black board is so gorgeous! and the "coral" (whatever they call it this year) with turquoise (I think its peacock blue this year) has to be my favourite combo ever. I have a similar table, but feel too bad painting over wood... Thank you for inspiration!
Vanessa said…
thanks! some things i'd feel guilty painting, but that side table was really ugly before!

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