Handmade Christmas Cards

After trying out lots of different versions of handmade cards this year, I finally figured out an easy way to get several of these things made without pulling an all-nighter.
After taking a family photo with the self-timer function on my camera and a tripod, I printed out multiple images onto photo paper. Getting the color right wasn't the easiest step, but after some trial runs I got a decent enough quality print. Make sure you select the right printer settings for printing out photo quality images on photo paper.
I wanted our picture to look like it was centered inside a present. Four pieces of washi tape made a nice square package-like shape.
Any kind of decorative tape would work, but this Japanese tape is so easy because you can tear it with your hands and it looks cute even if the strips are not perfectly measured and overlapping. 
For the bow, I ripped off a rectangle-shaped piece of gift wrapping tissue.

Then I twisted it to give it a bow shape. 
The last step was putting a little dab of glue in the center of the bow and pressing it on.

Now I just have to get these things in the mail!
Some more tips from someone who is now on her 42nd card:
When cutting out your pictures, leave some white space as a border so it'll be easier to tape.
Keep your blank cards unfolded until you are finished... they're much easier to handle when flat.
"Vivid" color setting is much richer than "Natural" setting in the "Print Settings" window (on a Brother printer).
Make sure the glue is completely dry before putting cards in envelope.

Need washi tape? Try Japanistic. Their red and white check tape would be SO cute. 


Haus and Home said…
Very very cute, love that you added a 3-D touch by adding the bow!

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