Winter Days

We had a lot of fun playing in the snow yesterday. Anri dropped to the ground instantly to make snow angels, which had me wondering how on earth she knew how to make those. Then I remembered there's a book we read several times a week called The Snow Day where the little bunny makes snow angels. As you can see, there wasn't quite enough snow for perfect angels, but I'm sure we'll get plenty of opportunities to make more in the next few months. Isla had a little trouble staying upright, but she still had a good time.
Inside, we got warm and cozy with some hot chocolate. I used chocolate flavored Ovaltine, which always reminds me of that movie Christmas Story when Ralphie decodes the message, "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine."

Later, I strung some cranberries with some fishing wire and a big needle I use for making books. Now I'm just trying to decide where to put them.
I almost forgot to mention our new kitty, Basil. He's three months old and we adopted him from the Humane Society four days ago. I've never seen a kitten so good with children. Anri can't put him down and he doesn't seem to mind. He definitely makes our house more homey. We love Basil!


hana-nya budi said…
Anri-chan wa kawaii. neko mo kawaii
Jay Wen said…
Aw! New addition to the family :) Happy to hear you got him from a shelter than a pet store.

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