In A Nutshell

I've been pretty busy lately... Here's a little bit of what's been happening around here starting with Christmas day.
A yummy pea dip recipe from Whole Living mag.
I didn't even realize until later that the veggies were the perfect holiday colors.
Lots and lots of toys everywhere.
 Some New Year's Day sake.
A new outfit complete with a flower for Isla's hair.
 So glad to see that pineapple wallpaper gone and pretty grey paint in its place. Thanks Honey!
 Painting one of two shelves I bought at Goodwill.
Taking the animals for a spin in the new stroller. 
Only one bag of chestnuts left at the grocery store. After making a puree with them, I made Mont Blanc cake (very popular in Japan and found nowhere in Milwaukee) for Birthday #1.
Think fast: used some paint swatches to make a birthday banner.

Birthdays are a good excuse to buy fresh flowers.
Slowly making painting progress in the kitchen. "Grey Owl" (Benjamin Moore) paint is on the walls (Is it the right color??), trim is painted (almost painted in this picture) "Stone White" (Gliden), extension boxes on outlets are now in place (in progress here). We'll add some bright color with Roman shades on all the kitchen windows. I'm still reading up on shade-making techniques, though.


Jay Wen said…
sunflowers make me happy.

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