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Have you seen the Dec/Jan issue of Ivy & Paper yet? I just got so much inspiration from this feature they did on a house outside D.C.
I'm still collecting ideas for our bedroom. The only thing I know for sure is that I want to use blue and orange. I hadn't thought about covering a headboard in orange, but this bedroom looks so cute.
Love that painted orange furniture! If you're looking for colorful inspiration, check out the issue.

Images from Ivy & Paper. Photographers: Tanya Malott and Greg Powers


Gizelle said…
Your color combination is surprisingly mesmerizing! Who would have thought baby blue would blend in so well in this room? I wonder if there are homes for sale available that looked like this.
Vanessa said…
Of course I can't take credit for the pictures, but I agree: it's a winning color combo.
Sally said…
I agree with Vanessa. The color combination is surprisingly beautiful. I didn't expect that this shade of blue would look so cute with orange and white. Any new homes for sale with that looked like this would definitely make me want to buy one.
I can totally see that this house is properly and professionally constructed. The design is awesome and the combination of blue, orange, and brown hues strangely worked!

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