Roman Shades Complete!

Finally, the valances are up and the cord handles are on. So that makes these Roman shades complete! I was able to add my angle irons to the sides of the mounting board which is a good thing. The screws I put through the board and into the window trim were coming loose! I have no idea why that is, but the angle irons added the support they needed. After struggling with my camera, I finally settled on this picture which doesn't do the shades justice.  The room looks much darker here than it does in real life. Click here to see my post on making these. 

If you're looking for hardware to make Roman shades, you can find it on this site.  You'll also find detailed instructions and a calculator to help you make your custom shades. The calculator tells you exactly what you need, including how much fabric, what kind of hardware and where to place your battens.

One really great thing about Terrell's method is that you glue the battens onto the fabric instead of sewing pockets for them. That saves a ton of time.

As for the price tag, this is not the cheapest DIY project out there, but the end result is so fabulous that it's worth the money. A 25"x62" top down/bottom up shade is about $50 to make (based on $15 a yard fabric). But if you make another one equal in size, you'll have enough fabric leftover. The shades you're looking at here were made with 4 yards of fabric. If I'd made curtains for the same space, I would have needed at least double the amount of fabric. Curtains were always out of the question anyway, because of the low ceiling over the windows.

While the shades are complete, there are still a couple of things that would make my bay window perfect. You can see by my not-so-professional-looking illustration, that some seating is in the works. Instead of doing a built-in piece with paneling or drawers underneath the seat, I'd like to do a more open and airy looking custom bench. I'll cover a 3" foam cushion with fabric and add some pillows to make it extra cozy. The cat is going to love this.

I can't find any pictures that match exactly what I'm looking for, but I like how these next two benches are open underneath. They look more like built-ins than just custom pieces that fit the space, though.

I've got my work cut out for me with this project, but I plan on taking my time and doing some reading in the carpentry department before I get started.
I purchase hardware for roman shades from Online Fabric Store. They carry flat pulleys, cord and cord lock pulleys. 
Wood for mounting boards and dowels can be purchased at home improvement stores like Lowe's or Home Depot. 


Anonymous said…
Looks wonderful! Will be so cool when you make the bench. Are you going to buy a table saw?
Jay Wen said…
You are so crafty, I love it!
Vanessa said…
i think so. i want to read a carpentry book before making any big purchases, though.
Vanessa said…
crafty! thanks!
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