Sweet Dreams

My daughter just grabbed one of my decorating books and pointed to a very girly pink bed with a canopy. "Mommy, I want to make this for my bedroom." I'm kind of excited that she's making decisions about how she wants to decorate her room... and willing to DIY it no less. Maybe we'll make a trip to the fabric store for some canopy fabric this weekend. Of course, if I can dig up something suitable in my fabric closet, we'll try that.

p.s. Did you notice that I've opened up an Etsy shop called, Bluet and Clover (my girls' middle names)? That's my ad over there on the top right. I'm going to make a formal announcement later, but I'm still busy fixing things, like correcting embarrassing typos. I also want to add a few more items before making a huge deal about it. But go ahead and have a little peek now if you'd like : )


Vanessa said…
Oops. Sorry, Jay, I accidentally deleted your comment. I agree, kids are cute when they talk design!

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