At The Domes

 Did we jet off to Santa Fe and then the Caribbean for a little vacay? Nope, just an average day in fabulous Milwaukee. haha wink wink. After our play group, the girls and I headed to The Domes for a little photo shoot.
 These are the "outtakes." I took about 200 shots and got about 195 out of focus or just plain goofy stuff. Then there were the unearthly glowy shots that happened when my lens fogged up the second I walked into the "Tropical Dome." The handful of photos that turned out really nice, are sort of a surprise for a certain someone so I can't reveal them just yet.

Couldn't resist snapping a few flowers.


Haus and Home said…
I love their shirts! Too cute.
Vanessa said…
thanks! i kind of wish i had one for myself.

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