Seven Month Itch

It's hard to believe Basil is already 7 months old. He was so shy when we brought him home from the shelter in December. Now, he spends more and more time with us in the living room during the day. And at night, he tears the place up. First it was the furniture, now he's moved on to my newly DIYed shades. As much as I'd like to add cat scratch post to my list of DIY projects, I'm afraid we need to get one of these things here ASAP. Turns out there are some not-totally-hideous options out there.

From top left: Pet Fusion Cat Scratcher Lounge, $55; Smart Cat Ultimate Scratch Post, $55; Itch Laminated Birch Wall Scratchers, $40; Sisal Door Hanger, $10. Martha has a good DIY project for a similar scratcher. Center: Natural Sisal Scratcher, $69.
 Acacia Laminated, from $250.
Itch Step Bamboo, $70. This last one is my favorite, but it would put a huge dent in our furniture budget if we were to build a decent kitty staircase. It does have DIY written all over it, doesn't it?
Idea: Buy these $29 each shelves with brackets and glue on Flor carpet tile samples. I have a huge stack of the samples and I've been meaning to do something with them for ages. 


Jay Wen said…
Thankfully my kitties do not scratch too much of the furniture. They have a scratching post that I should replace... it's been a few years.
Vanessa said…
Lucky you! Basil ignores the new post we just bought and then jumps on the shades.

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