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This post falls under the category of: Things We Do When We're Bored. Isla is sleeping and Anri had the brilliant idea of putting a toy on Basil's head and taking pictures. Can you believe our kitty sat through about a dozen pictures with a toy balanced on his head? This cat is the most mellow guy I've ever known. 

I just noticed that two of the cat pictures are the same.

See below for what I should be doing. I really like that sink, by the way. A couple of similar vintage sinks were for sale on Craigslist, but they were too wide for our existing cabinets. I did find a Kohler wallmount faucet that looks almost exactly like the one pictured, though. And of course, I got me some white subway tiles. All I need is an apron and a new 'do and I will be a real life retro housewife (with a modern dishwasher).


Anonymous said…
Great decorating! And I hope I know who the surprise is for.
Vanessa said…
Thanks. I hope I know who Anonymous is!

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