Starting With a Seed: Day 8

I made a surprising discovery when I went to water my seeds today... sprouting! 
These are my preemie Shasta daisies I planted 8 days ago (today's post is delayed by a day). They weren't supposed to emerge for at least another week! Must be all the good music and conversation I've been giving them. Or are these really the tomato seeds? Those seedlings should be emerging any day. I did mark each container with seed names, so I should have things straight.
As for the others: coleus, tomatoes, delphinium and zinnias (those were only planted 4 days ago)...
 ... nothing yet.

According to the packages, my tomato seedlings have about two more days to show. The coleus take 12-21 days to emerge, the delphinium 21-28 days and the zinnias about 7 days. I have a feeling delphinium plants will be on my nursery shopping list. How am I going to remember to keep watering the egg cartons for nearly a month (they're in the guest room where I don't go often) and then wait a whole year to see them flowers?!
Here are some pictures of our front and back yard last summer.
All we've done is make a raised bed in the back with some pavers and a ton of left over soil we ordered for another project. So now we have a raised bed and a decent sized mound in the backyard. The girls love playing on it, but it gets too muddy. I have some really cool plans for The Hill, but I keep changing my mind.
 We'll keep the front lawn simple. Maybe some hydrangeas and hostas in front of the bay window and we'll fix the bare spots where the grass died (we left that soil sitting in the front too long).
 Here's a shot of The Hill last fall. See that lump of dirt in the very back of the yard?
 Someday, I hope my backyard will look something like this butterfly garden at the Milwaukee County Zoo. I just love the sort of wild look to it.


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