Starting WIth A Seed: Day 1

It's feeling like full on summer here, but it's still technically winter the first day of spring (just realized today's date!). So does that mean I'm too early or too late to start planting seeds? I'm so confused, but I guess we don't have anything to lose by trying.
The girls helped pick out some veggies and flowers.
 Some of these we probably won't see much of until next spring/summer. I guess it'll be a nice surprise a year from now.

 I'm always so surprised when little sprouts start popping up. 
 The trick for me is getting the seedlings to survive the transition to pots or ground.
Good luck seeds!


Jay Wen said…
I planted those daisies last week. Can't wait to see them bloom.
Vanessa said…
the waiting is the hardest part!

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