Choose A Door, Win a Prize!

via Farrow & Ball
I just got this email about a choose you favorite Farrow & Ball door color contest. I love a contest.
via Farrow & Ball
 And it just so happens that my husband and I are in the midst of a heated what-color-should-we-paint-our-front-door debate.
via Farrow & Ball

 Mr. T (that's what we'll call my husband, so I can stop referring to him as Hubs) is leaning more towards a deep blue, like "drawing room blue" on the Union Jack door, below.
via Farrow & Ball
I'm leaning toward just about any other color. Haha. I had a hard time just picking a door to vote for. The door color I ended up likin' the most was lichen, which you can see at Farrow & Ball's site here.

Looking for more front door inspiration? Here's a colorful post on coastal inspired tones from Haus and Home.


Haus and Home said…
Beautiful doors. I kept thinking I like the lilac, then the mint green, then the blue. Too many great colors! Thanks for the mention too!
Vanessa said…
I know, almost too many choices! Your welcome. Your decor roundups are always great.

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