Scenes From the Weekend

The Easter Bunny brought all sorts of surprises this morning.
Check out that masterpiece Anri's working on.
Oh Easter Bunny, you shouldn't have!
 After the painting, I tried to think of the least messy egg decorating project. Luckily, Easter Bunny brought tons of crayons (or at least these cheap knock off crayons he must have gotten at Big Lots...just a guess) which seemed like the perfect decorating medium for two three messy girls.
 Some people prefer to eat rather than decorate their eggs.
Our casual egg art.
We headed to the backyard for the egg hunt. 
 "Found one!"
 These are the Grecian Windflower anemones I planted in the fall. The crocus only bloomed for about ten days, but these guys have staying power. Three weeks and they're still going strong.
 This swan at the Milwaukee Zoo might be inspiration for my next block print.

We got a late start yesterday and didn't head out for the zoo until around 1:30 which is just about nap time. In the car, Anri goes, "Mommy! Did someone close my eyes?"

"No, Anri. I think you just fell asleep," I said.

"No, I think someone closed my eyes!"
They were both wide awake for all the fun at the zoo, although we never found the Easter parade. 

 All in all, a lovely weekend full of sun and warmish weather. Hope you're having a good one.


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