Skirting the Issue

I was hoping to show you a picture of our freshly painted bedroom walls, but as you might be able to see in that picture above, we're not quite there yet. You know... Easter egg hunts, sunny weather, a night out with the ladies from play group... Sometimes life gets in the way of decorating. That's a good thing. 

The other good thing is that I said adios to the wrinkled bedskirt that was 3 inches too short and exposed the metal bed frame wheels.
I can only offer you a little snippet of our bedroom in progress. Yes, it's that ugly and I just can't bring myself to show you how bad it is. Maybe I'll get up the nerve once the decorating is complete. 

Things are starting to take a turn with the new DIY bedskirt. After cutting my fabric for the roman shades, I gathered every last scrap to make a bed skirt. The old skirt is actually underneath this new and improved skirt. The new fabric was just sewn right over the old stuff, saving me time by not having to rip seams or buy the extra fabric that lies between the mattress and box spring.

The new skirt reaches the floor and hides those ugly metal bed legs. I can't believe what a difference this makes. 

Can you also see that coral throw? That was $26 from the QVC website. I didn't even know they had a website until I did some searching for a budget friendly coral throw and came across it. Previously, when I thought of QVC, I only pictured over-talkative show hosts wearing too much makeup.
Here's a view of the foot of the bed. That's a really large faux pleat in the center. As I mentioned, I wanted to use every last piece of that leftover shade fabric, which meant piecing together some odd bits. I think it works, though. It more than works, I love it!

I think this might end up being the most impressive update in our bedroom and it didn't cost a thing!
When I have some more time, I want to put up a bedskirt pattern. But here is a brief rundown for now... It was pretty simple, especially if you don't have to do the faux pleats. Use an existing skirt as a template and be sure to add length if you need to. When cutting your new fabric, add 2" for a double 1" seam on the sides and bottom and a quarter inch at the top (leave that raw). It helps to add an additional 4" in length to the longer panels. You can tuck that extra fabric under the foot panel to cover any gaps.

Sew all hems on the three panels.

Sew longer side panels to old skirt first. Place old skirt and new fabric right sides facing together, pin, and sew new fabric just above the seam of the old skirt (where it joins the box cover fabric) leaving a quarter inch seam allowance. Start at the end that will be closest to headboard. Do not sew the last 4 inches of new fabric to old skirt. You'll just tuck that in when you place it on bed.

Sew the foot panel on last so that it lies over the side panels. Place on your box spring and do a little tucking to make it look perfect.


Haus and Home said…
Great job, the bed skirt makes a big difference! I love the fabric and rug!
Vanessa said…
thanks! can't wait to finish the whole room!

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