Spring Garden Inspiration

It was another gorgeous weekend, so we headed off to Boerner Botanical Gardens in Hales Corner, which is just southwest of Milwaukee. The lilac scented breeze was so intoxicating that I went out and bought a Miss Kim lilac shrub the next day. If it does well, I'm going to plant a whole row of them in the back. We get about six hours of sun back there, so it should be okay.
It's always good to get some landscaping ideas. Our yard, the front especially, is lacking in any kind of spring color. I'm dying to plant some creeping phlox somewhere.

This garland spirea and magnolia combination is so pretty, but I'm not sure if we have room for it in the front.
This spotted dead nettle was also a nice splash of color. I'm really drawn to the cooler colors.

As for the bedroom, we're almost there.  The end of our wallpaper stripping should coincide nicely with the paint super sale at SW next weekend. I'm always on the lookout for a good sale! 


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