Kyoto in the Rain

Ginkakuji, Silver Pavilion, in the rain. 
 Some wabi sabi inspiration.

 Getting around by bus is economical (¥500 for a day pass)  in Kyoto, but slow. If you plan to see 4 sights in one day, expect to make it to 2 of them.
 Downtown Kyoto. I wonder who came up with the bunny idea?
Put your money in the machine, press a button and take the ticket to the waiter. Your lunch is delivered in seconds. OK it's more like minutes, but it's fast. This was a very popular ramen shop at Kyoto station where there are tons of restaurants to choose from. For dinner I like Pontocho street downtown. It has that "old Kyoto" feel. No time for dinner on this trip, though. One day is definitely not enough for Kyoto, but I saw tons of sights when I lived there and we'll be back again some day.


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