A Litte More About Kobe

 You may only know Kobe for its delicious (and really expensive) beef, but there's so much more to love. Just a few more notes on the place before I move on to Nara, Kyoto and the onsen ...

Amazing playgrounds!

That one pictured above in the suburbs looked more like an amusement park. The slide was the longest I've ever seen. We saw the top of it peeking out from the woods. It felt more like a roller coaster than a slide. When we came out at the bottom, we were in another playground. How cool is that?  Mr. T and Anri climbed that scary net thing up to the top of the hill and went for a second slide. I tried not to act like the nervous mom as they climbed higher and higher.
 Beautiful parks, gardens and landscaping everywhere. There was wisteria all over the place this time of year. 

 Great shopping!

 I love this housewares store called Madu on a side street near Daimaru department store and Chinatown. That's Daimaru right above. I'm always amazed at how nicely Japanese women dress when they go shopping.
 Great food in Chinatown!

Anri's really starting to get the hang of using chopsticks. When I first moved to Japan, I asked for chopsticks and the waiter looked at me like I was nuts. I quickly learned that they're called hashi in Japanese.
 If you spot goma dango (those sesame balls in the middle) you have to try them. They're slightly sweet and chewy with a bean paste center. So delicious! Chinese food in Japan tastes totally different than Chinese food in the U.S. I'm not sure which is more authentic, but I have to say I like the Japanese take on Chinese food better.
Pretty neighborhoods!

 Ashia was a posh area where the wedding was held. Can you tell Anri loves posing for pictures? I think she was a 60s catalog model in a previous life.
 The wedding was beautiful. It was so hot that I decided to ditch the black blazer I brought and buy a pink scarf just minutes before the ceremony. This is the second Japanese wedding I brought the kids to and both times they got the most amazing kids' meals... a jumbo fried shrimp, hot dog, fries, ketchup, juice with a straw. Made my life easier.
 It's always fun seeing my name written in Japanese. 

That's all for now. I can't wait to show you the close-up pictures of deer from Nara Park later this week!


Vanessa said…
Here's info on how to get to the playground:

The train stop is called Sougou Undo Koen Eki. It is on the Seishin Yamanote Subway line. From Sannomiya station it takes 15 or so minutes.

The playground is in a park that includes a baseball and track/soccer field.

Here is a link to the map (in Japanese).
The playground (冒険のくに)is just beyond the track/soccer field.

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