Backyard Garden Shots

Since the weather has warmed up, I've been pretty much obsessed with gardening. I'm so glad I planted catmint last year. The honeybees are all over this thing and so are the butterflies. I even saw a hummingbird come up for a snack the other day. I planted three catmint plants right outside the eat-in kitchen window, so I can check out the action while sipping my morning coffee.
Foxgloves have got to be one of my top 5 favorite flowers.
 This Husker Red Penstemon is even more beautiful than the picture on the nursery tag. I bought it only to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, but now I'm thinking it might be the prettiest plant in the garden. It's nice and tall and the dark purple foliage stands out among the lighter purples and pinks of the salvia, catmint, dianthus, lavender and coneflower.
 Couldn't resist planting roses. The color on these Knockout series roses is electric pink. These are supposed to be low-maintenance and so far, so good.
Birds and insects aren't the only ones dining al fresco back here. Isla is turning into a fine Midwestern girl. She loves her grilled corn on the cob. I learned last year from my dad that soaking the corn first and then grilling it in the husk is pretty darn good.

I'm loving these warm Midwestern days!


ANNE said…
How beautiful! You are a very talented photographer.
Haus and Home said…
I love foxgloves too! Yours are beautiful!!! They grow naturally in the woods in the Germany and get very tall!
Vanessa said…
are from Germany? that would explain "haus" : ) that would be really cool to go for a walk in the woods and find foxgloves.
ANNE said…
What glorious photographs... The colours are spectacular!

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