Handmade Birthday Invitations

It was tempting to email out some e-vites for my daughter's second birthday, but I decided to make some good old-fashioned paper invitations instead. 

 Sorry for all the censored spots on the invite. I'm sure no one out there is interested in crashing a two-year-old's party, but you never know. 

I found some really cute washi tape while we were in Japan a couple of months ago and used it to tape on the details on the back of the card.
This was my first time experimenting with a new type of linoleum block. I had to special order it, but it was worth the wait. It's just as durable as the linoleum blocks I was using, but takes a lot less muscle to carve.

Some tools you need for a project like this would be a linocut carving tool like this, linoleum board, a brayer and glass sheet to roll out ink, block printing ink, a barren or wooden spoon to press the image into paper and, of course, paper. As far as the image goes, you could draw straight onto the linoleum board or print out an image from your computer, draw over it in pencil and rub off the pencil onto the linoleum using a bone folder or similar tool.

Here's on of my previous posts on linocut printing


Haus and Home said…
Wow I can't believe you carved that! They look great! I love the font.

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