Granny Gone Glam

So this is my latest decorating move in the mudroom. I found this amazing, but a little old-ladyish, mirror at Goodwill for only $10. It's nice and big, too. About 3 feet long. It's also pretty heavy, which I've decided means it's a quality piece.
 I knew I would paint it as soon as I saw it, but what color? Oh, the possibilities!
 I decided to go glam with some glossy black spray paint I had leftover from another project. 
 After carefully sliding newspaper between the mirror and frame, then taping it down, I sprayed away. I usually paint my thrift store finds with a brush, but because the detailing on the frame was so ornate, I figured a fine mist of spray paint would look better.

It's true what they say, mirrors really do "open up" a space. Our tight mudroom seems instantly bigger and brighter.


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