Happy Friday!

Woo! I'm ready for the weekend so I can really tackle those stairs. I'm at the sanding phase now and Mr. T says he wants to help out with that part. So that should mean that I can prime on Sunday and maybe even get a little decorative work done on the risers. 

I'm just showing off my block printing/watercolor work this afternoon. I had this really beautiful wood block carving of a fish that I got as a gift. It's been sitting on my tansu in the dining room for a while. I just had to try it out to see how it would look as a woodblock print. I took things a step further and used watercolors instead of rolling on block printing inks. Kind of cool! 

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday! 


Haus and Home said…
I dont know what block printing is but that is really pretty. are you going to frame it?
Vanessa said…
Hi. Block printing is a type of relief printing where you carve an image into wood or linoleum, roll on ink and then press paper onto it to get an image. I think I will frame this one. I'm looking for a sort of beachy, white washed wood frame :)

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