Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is White Right?

I'm going to switch gears and talk about my bedroom walls today. It's been weeks since the wallpaper came down and Sherwin Williams Tidewater went up, but I never showed it off because I'm just not sure it's me. Or maybe it's the blue walls with the yellow shades that's just a little too perky. I also hate that blue vase on the dresser, but still haven't moved it. I think it looks like something that goes with a bedpan.You might also have noticed that the white quilt has a nice just-out-of-the-package crease down the middle.
There's the old wallpaper above.

My very first choice was a pale yellow, but Mr. T doesn't like yellow. I painted on a sample of pale grey and that reminded me of prison walls. I feel like my only other choice is white, but that seems kind of boring.

But then again these white walls look kind of exciting, don't you think?

Can I do it? Can I paint my bedroom walls white? 

Stay tuned....

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