It's Prime Time!

I can't hardly believe the stairs are carpet-free, staple-free, linoleum-free, residue-free, sanded (twice), wood-filled where the holes were, lightly sanded again, wiped down with mineral spirits and now PRIMED! So excited, I had to post on a Sunday... and also because I couldn't pass up an opportunity to use the title: It's Prime Time! By tomorrow the steps will be painted in Farrow & Ball Pointing (color matched to Behr Premium Plus Porch and Floor Porch and Patio paint) and "It's Prime Time!" wouldn't really work.

Photo via Farrow & Ball.

That's Pointing on the wall above. Thrilling isn't it? It is a very lovely white that looks a little warmer to me than a bright white. And since I had to buy a whole gallon I can use the rest of the paint on the basement floors. It looks great with the very pale pink color I chose for the walls.

Back to the stairs ...  the real excitement comes when I show you what I've decided to do to the risers! Oh, the fun never ends.  


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