Oh Boy: Staircase #2

As soon as I got started on ripping up the carpet, I knew this was going to be more than a simple makeover. That carpet is really nailed down there good.
 And I don't know what I was thinking when I first took a peek and saw a "nice wooden staircase." The truth is it's a total mess. The last thing I wanted to find was more of that darn blue linoleum from the kitchen glued down on the stair treads. But there it is.
 Ugh. I was hoping to be farther along at this point.
 The good news is that after about 30 minutes of strenuous carpet ripping, I decided I could skip my 20 minute pilates work out.

I haven't ruled out lining the risers with wallpaper. Here are some fun finds from a vintage wallpaper shop on Etsy called Pattern Like.
And here's a shot of wallpapered stairs so you can see what I'm talking about. Although I wouldn't wallpaper the treads (the part that you step on).


Haus and Home said…
I dont know if I have ever seen wallpapered stairs! Love the wallpaper patterns you found on Etsy!
Vanessa said…
I've been dying to try it ever since I saw it, but painting would be the easier way to go.

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