Staircase #2

 via Serena & Lilly.

Last year, I played it safe when I stained the stair treads on our main staircase dark and painted the risers white. But, there's another staircase that I haven't touched yet, the one to the basement. I figure I can have a little more fun with that one since it's just the basement, right?

I've been collecting some fun images of painted and wallpapered staircases and now I'm ready to get to work.

First I have to rip off the old carpet. I already took a peek and what's underneath looks like a nice wood staircase. Then I think I'll paint the treads white (with 3 coats of clear varnish on top) and then paint/stencil or stamp a tri-color design so that it looks like wallpaper (but at a fraction of the cost).

Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

Then, to really make a statement, I'm going to find a large thrift store mirror and hang it on the basement wall facing the stairs. That way you can see all my hard painting/stenciling work from the top of the stairs, too!

Total budget: $25.  Can I pull it off?

I'm really excited to get started and hope to accomplish most of the work this week. I'm going to show you a picture of the stairs as they look now and post my progress daily this week. That should keep me both busy and under a moderate amount of pressure to get the job done!

So here's where I'm at on this Monday morning. Hopefully, by next Monday I'll have something Pinterestable in its place!


Haus and Home said…
Love the blue and white stairs!

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