Staircase Interlude

I thought instead of showing you my snail paced progress on the stairs, I'd show you something a little more interesting. This is one of my craigslist dining room chair makeovers. I bought 4 chairs for $30 and used a yard of fabric and some spray paint to redo them. 
 There's the before picture above. Hopefully you can tell the difference between the before and the after!

You've probably seen plenty of chair makeovers where people paint the frames and staple gun new fabric over the seats. My chair makeover isn't too different, except that I really had to make one yard of fabric stretch. A yard and a half for 4 seats would have been ideal, but I wanted to make do with what I had in my fabric closet. 
 My glue gun came in handy on the edges where the fabric didn't quite reach to the wood board underneath he seat. So instead of stapling on the very edge of the seat, I used glue. 

That was about 6 weeks ago and I haven't had any issues with the fabric moving. 

So if you want to makeover some chairs, but you don't want to invest in a staple gun, give your glue gun a try! 


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