Stairway 2 Hell

Have you ever started a home improvement project you wish you hadn't? Up until this morning I was worried I'd made a big mistake when I started pulling up the carpet on the staircase to the basement.

First of all, there's that linoleum that I now have to scrape off. And then there are all the nails and staples poking out all over the place (at least I have a gate to keep the kids and dog off the stairs). Not to mention pulling up the carpet just takes forever. In 5 days I've got only 6 out of 11 steps carpet free.

But after an extra-strong cup of coffee this morning I made some progress during my 20-minute-a-day DIYing. So I'm feeling a little bit better about things.
Man that's gross. I'm going to be working super hard this weekend to whip this staircase into shape.

Hope you all have good luck with any weekend DIY projects you have going on. See you on Monday with a Stairway (#) 2 Heaven!


Anonymous said…
Have faith! It is going to look so much better when you are done. It's just going to take a lot longer than you thought. It is fun for people in the blog world to magically see the before and after with a click of a button and no elbow grease.
Vanessa said…
Haha. Oh good. Glad you're looking forward to the finish.
Anonymous said…
So where is the Stairway to Heaven? I am anxiously awaiting your "after" picture.
Vanessa said…
not quite. i haven't had time to post yet. don't get too excited. an into a problem.

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