A Place For My Coffee

For someone who loves coffee as much as I do, you'd think I'd have a coffee table. After over one year in our new house, I now do!

I got a hankering for one after seeing a really beautiful living room in BHG this month. After having no luck at the shops I checked out craigslist.
Sometimes I have good luck on craigslist, but sometimes it can be so frustrating. People don't respond to your emails. Or, as I found out, coffee tables are a hot ticket item and the good ones go fast. Things weren't going so well on Saturday when I started replying to ads, but then I had a breakthrough when I found this beauty. Priced to sell at $40, I knew I had to act fast. I drove a little bit farther than I'd planned on to pick it up, but it was worth it.

Here's a view from the other side... Can you find the little switch I did with my props? Yes, I just pulled out the bottle of merlot to make a pretty picture. I'm not drinking at two in the afternoon.
After one sanding (with medium grit paper) and two coats of paint (the kind with primer in it) I now have a great table to put my coffee on in the morning. Not to mention a great place to display that gorgeous fall foliage from the burning bush shrub out front.

I also replaced the old hardware with some hardware from the kitchen cabinets we removed to make space for the dishwasher. I'm two knobs short of a matching set, but I'll pick up more the next time I make it to Lowe's.
That's the spread in Better Homes and Gardens this month that caught my eye and forced me to put "white coffee table" at the top of my must have list. 

And would you like to see what my table looked like before? That's how the table looked in the craigslist ad.
 Now I'm off to make a cup of coffee to set on my new table.


Anonymous said…
The table turned out great and your photos are better than the photo spread! Excellent work results for $40! I'm so impressed.
Vanessa said…
Thanks! I don't know if my photos are better, BUT I have to say that I like my coffee table better than the one in the magazine!
Haus and Home said…
Great job! It looks perfect.

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