Beige Is The Rage

On Saturday while the girls were at their Japanese class with Mr. T, I decided to do something about the bedroom walls. Ever since I painted the walls blue, I felt like something was not quite right. Now that I have the walls this nice khaki color (Farrow & Ball, Joa's White) it seems so obvious that a more neutral color was the way to go. 

I decided against a bright white because I thought it would be warmer with the khaki. Plus, I like the contrast between the bright white trim and the walls. The yellow Roman shades I made also look much better with the new color.

SOOOOO glad I made the effort to make the change. I feel so much more relaxed in here now. It's like I breath a sigh of relief every time I walk in here. Isn't that funny how the color of a room can have such an effect on you? Now I'm motivated to get going on decorating the rest of the room.

Almost as soon as the paint was dry, Mr. T and I started searching for a dresser. That's our Craigslist find pictured up above. A nice authentic mid-century piece and much cheaper than anything new we looked at. I'm thinking about making some kind of cool 60s inspired wall sculpture out of wood to go above it.


Haus and Home said…
Is this for your bedroom or the guest bedroom?

So yes I recently noticed an increase in spam comments too. I usually can tell by the comment it's spam so I don't even click the link. I did not want the "word verification" thing since those can be annoying but now I can't remember if I added it back or not due to the spam.
Vanessa said…
Huh. You don't have the word verification thing on your blog. It is annoying, isn't it.

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