Tiered Plate Display

Get it, gourd to tiers? I was bored to tears with my gourds just scattered on the table again this year, so I made a tiered display for them! I have to say, they look MUCH better like this. 

Tiered plate projects, an idea I can't claim as my own, have inspired quite a few bloggers. I put links to my favorite at the end of this post. 
 I love the reflection in the spray-painted plates. So glam. 
That's what I started with above. Three plates from Goodwill and 2 candle holders from Dollar Tree. I've really started to embrace American dollar stores. It was touch and go when I first moved back here from Japan. Those Japanese 100 Yen store will knock your socks off! But the American shops have their own charms. 
I put my own spin on this project by painting the plates. Those are my plates after spraying them with Rust-oleum metallic finish paint in chrome.  
When the paint is dry do this:

1.  Put your biggest plate down first. Glue around the rim of the bottom of the first candle holder and place it in the center of the plate. 
2. Glue around the top rim of the same candle holder and place the medium size plate on top of it. Make sure it's centered. 
3. Repeat with the second candle holder and smallest plate. 

Here's a complete shop list:
E-6000 craft adhesive (at hardware and craft stores)
spray paint
3 second hand plates (I used 2 large and one small)
2 glass candle holders from the dollar store

Here are some more inspiring tiered plate ideas from other bloggers. Of course, if you have your own link to a similar project SHARE IT! 

This is just the beginning of my Fall/Halloween decor. I'm really on a roll!

Happy weekend!


Haus and Home said…
Wow great job, beautiful for the fall!
fatim308 said…
Hello Ms.Vanessa, How are you? It's been awhile. I might use idea of yours. This is really nice.
Vanessa said…
Hi Fatim. I"m good. How about you? Glad you liked the idea : o )

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