DIY Ornament

My three-year-old daughter was helping me hang pinecones on the Christmas tree today when she had this  really cute idea. She took one of her dollar store dollhouse chairs and hung it on the tree. 

I thought it was so cute I decided to keep it there. Then I had an idea to put a little package on it to make it more Christmasy.

What we used:
Dollar store dollhouse chair
discarded box (a cereal box would be great)
clear tape
washi tape (substitue: decorative or wrapping paper)
craft glue or if you're in a hurry, a glue gun
thread, fishing wire or string to hang the ornament
optional: acrylic or latex paint or stain to paint chair

 First draw a square on the cardboard. It should be a little smaller than the seat of the chair. Cut it out and use it as a template to draw another square. Next, using the template, draw four more squares on each side of the first one. Draw one more square to the side (see picture below). 
 Now cut out the T shape and fold the cardboard on the lines. Pull up the sides like shown in the picture below. 
Form a cube and tape in place with clear tape.
Cover with washi tape. I made my box the exact width of my tape, otherwise cut the tape to fit the sides of your box. 
Take another roll of washi tape and cut it in half or thirds down the middle. Wrap it around the box to make a ribbon. 
Take the same washi tape you just used and fold it in half down the middle and stick the sticky sides together. Leave the ends unfolded so you can stick it to the box. Make three or four loops with this folded tape and stick it on top to make box. Use little pieces of tape to keep the middle from popping up. Or just use a hot glue gun to stick the bow on top of the cube. 
Glue the package to the chair. 
Hang on the tree with string or wire!
There! I've added a little surrealist touch to the tree. 


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