Shopping for Wreaths

I can't decide if I should buy or make my holiday wreath this year. There are so many cute wreaths on Etsy, I might just have to put down my glue gun and access my Paypal account!

How adorable is the "Colorful Wooden Spool Wreath" for $50 from Blessed Burlap?! Love the simplicity of the "Christmas Wreath with Burlap" from AT Pitman for $53.

How about some spices and berries with your Christmas wreath, $35 from roseflower48? Navy is nice and neat on the "Gift Bow Wreath" for $33 from Go Green Treasures.

Invest in gold with this one from Fine Touch ($75).  Woo that chili pepper wreath ($70) from Elegant Holidays is on fire!

Isn't it fun seeing how creative people get with their wreaths?


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