The Girls' Room

 I've spent a lot of time this week getting the girls' room straightened out and thought I'd take pictures of it while it's in this unusually neat state. 

I mentioned last week that my two-year-old is climbing out of her crib and we need to get her a big girl bed. Unfortunately this crib we brought with us from Tokyo doesn't convert to a toddler bed.

I sewed the curtains with some fabric I got on our last Japan trip. When the girls are older I'll make Roman shades, but I'm too nervous about having the cords within their reach right now. 
The bunny art was painted by their talented uncle. It's only temporarily in their room until I find a better spot in the house for it. 
That's the bird mobile I sewed when I was pregnant the first time. I think this was a very popular project which I got from Spool Sewing here
I finally figured out that in order to make them sit up straight on the sticks, you have to thread them through their backs and hang them that way. 
 My sister made the girls afghans and those are some of my favorite things in their room. 
It was a little tricky fitting a bed, crib, dresser, bookshelf, table and chairs in such a small room, but we managed. The dresser blocks the crib enough so I can peek in on her without her seeing me on the other side. 
 They have an nice collection of Japanese books. My husband reads two a night. I sometimes read them myself to practice Japanese. 
 The moomin snow globe was a stocking stuffer back when we were in Japan. Looks like they could use a water refill.
I got the shelves from Goodwill and painted them with those sample pots of paint about this time last year. 
The rabbit is another one of my favorite things in their room. 
 We got the dolls when we were visiting Kyoto in April. In Japan, people put these out only on Girl's Day (a Japanese cultural event), but we have them out all the time. 

 I framed a couple of postcards I got at a gallery in Kyoto several years ago. The artist's name is Tsurutaro Kataoko and I think he's more famous as a comedian than artist in Japan. 
Here's a shot of the tree I painted on the wall and ceiling last year. I used a faux-bois paint rocker tool to make a wood grain design on the column. The glossy white paint on the pale lavender walls is very subtle and a little hard to capture in a photo.
Over a year later and the chalkboard is still a hit! I've been thinking about painting the whole wall with chalkboard paint, but haven't gotten up the nerve yet. 
 The wall color (Sherwin Williams Silver Peony) has a nice glow to it on a sunny day like today. It's just the right amount of color. I painted the ceiling too.
It doesn't look like I've done much in the closet, but if you'd seen it last week you'd know that I did a massive clean up in there. Someday I'll get to doing something cute like wallpaper or something. 

I had a feeling by the time I finished writing this post that the room would already be un-camera friendly and I was right! Having the "neat room pictures" makes it okay. 

Have a happy turkey day!


Haus and Home said…
ADORABLE! From the beautiful bunny mural, to the bird mobile to the adorable Japanese blocks to the tree with the bird houses! Time for me to start pinning! The quilts will look great in the pink room!
Anonymous said…
Their room is so pretty. Your girls are lucky to have a mommy who makes such thoughtful design decisions. Functional, fun, and pretty.
Vanessa said…
That's nice, thank you : )
Bean Bags said…
So very girlish. I liked the theme and the colors of the room

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