Inspiration Board Project

 Every creative room needs an inspiration board, don't you think? Some people call them mood boards, but I like the word inspiration much better than mood. 

Yesterday, my creative studio (I've decided that's what I'm going to call my art studio/craft room/work from home office/occasional guest room) looked like this ... 
That plain ol' corkboard wasn't doing much for me, so I gussied it up with some decorative wood pieces, paint and fabric. The original plan was to frame it with some really fancy wood trim, but when I went to the DIY center today, the chair rail moulding ended up being a little more than I'd planned on spending (about $10 for an 8' piece and I would have needed two pieces for the 10' perimeter). 

Instead, I spent about $6 for two packages of these... 
I painted the wood frame and these decorative wood pieces white and glued the pieces onto the corners of the board with Liquid Nails. 

Yes, I'm painting directly over that lovely rug. The dog has already done so much damage to it. One end of it is totally shredded, so I'm not going to stress out about paint drippings or anything else. This room is now officially off limits to the dog, by the way. At least until she learns to stop chewing on the rug. Don't feel sorry for her though, she still gets free rein of most of the house. 
Instead of trying to pull off the frame (this is a cheap corkboard and I'm afraid it would fall apart if I tried) I just folded the fabric and tucked in the corners under the decorative pieces. Nice paint fingers, eh? 
Then I just pinned the fabric in a few places along the edges. 

Now the fun part.. pinning (in the traditional way, not the Pinterest way) up my inspiration. 

I got the seal of approval when my daughter came home from preschool and goes, "This is cool, Mom. How'd you make this?"
Hmmm. I think I need some more inspiration for my inspiration board! 


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