Kitchen and Bath Inspiration

I think I mentioned we are in the midst of a kitchen and bathroom (and partial basement) renovation. Lots of you might have been super busy this week and last, but honestly we were a little bored at times and decided to go to the Kohler Design Center to hopefully get some inspiration. Did you know there's a town called Kohler about 50 minutes north of Milwaukee? I didn't until we moved to Wisconsin.
 Kohler kind of looks like a pretty college campus town, but with a Kohler factory in place of a college.
 I'll let my pictures do most of the talking... except where I can't help but comment. 

 By far my favorite room at the Design Center was this bathroom below. Note: When I win the lottery, convert attic into a big bathroom like this...

Maybe this is what Liberace's bathroom would look like if he were still alive?

 I'd heard of colored grout before, but hadn't seen an example until now. Kind of looks like my camera settings are off, but that's yellow grout with blue/green tiles. 

Time to go!

photos by moi.


Haus and Home said…
Wow beautiful! I did a post awhile back using some of those Kohler images-with all the vintage pictures and wellies. I am jealous you saw it in person.
Vanessa said…
Funny. I didn't know they had pictures on their site, but then I probably wouldn't have gone all the way there to see it in person.
Akshat said…
I like all of the image of the kitchens and baths, very nice post.

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