New Art Studio

After months of thinking I'd make the basement a craft room/art studio/playroom, I've changed my mind. At first the basement seemed like a great place to get out my printing inks while the kids played, but the one thing I couldn't work around was the lack of natural light. 

Up until now, I've been using the dining room table as my art space. The light is great, but it's not ideal otherwise. For one thing, I have to keep my printing inks on a very high shelf in the kitchen. The other day I was reaching for something up there and a huge tub of yellow ink came tumbling down onto the kitchen floor. My husband was standing there in his new jeans (he buys a new pair about once every five years) and SPLASH! The ink was everywhere, on his jeans, on the sink, floor, cabinet doors. Luckily it's water-based and came out, but I'd like to avoid another spill. 

So long story not so short, my husband and I have decided that we should make more use of the guest bedroom. It has great light, a cute balcony and we only used it as a guest bedroom for a total of 8 nights this year. 

We'll still keep one bed in there and make sort of a daybed out of it. Then we can move the other twin bed up from the finished basement (which we'll still use as a playroom) during one of the not-so-frequent overnight visits. 

I have a lot more work to do, but just bringing up this never-used table from the basement already makes it functional. I think I'll stain the table top nice and dark and paint the legs off-white. 

So now I'm going to go run and make my first linocut print in my new studio!

I'll leave you with a pin of this really cool studio from Heather Bailey (she has more cute pictures of her space on her blog). How cute is that!? 


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