Some Secondhand Finds

Found a few things to spice up the green room (I decided "creative studio" was kind of obnoxious, so we'll just call it what we always called it, "the green room"): a $2 shelf from Goodwill that I painted white and a daybed that will be revealed at a later date. 
I found those foo dog statues at an estate sale. I always thought estate sales would be full of really expensive antiques and art, but that wasn't the case at all. I always wanted these foo dog statues, but I felt a little silly buying them at Target. 

For all I know my foo dogs came from Target, but somehow it seems more special buying them at an estate sale. Although they do kind of look like these $200 ones, and I can tell you I paid nothing near that (it was closer to Target prices). Woo! Maybe I scored there. I better make sure that shelf is secure. 
 Now that I'm using the green room as an art studio I can have one whole wall to dry my prints. This is quite a luxury. I used some white hooks, cord (scraps from my shade projects) and wooden clothes pins. 
Once I get the daybed painted, I'll take a picture of the whole room. 

I hope you had an inspiring weekend, or at least a restful one. 


Haus and Home said…
Your prints look great. I love the octopus and crab.
Jay Wen said…
The green room looks so refreshing and happy!

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