Studio in the Works

 In the last 24 hours, I've managed to get a few things accomplished in the new art studio/craft room/work from home office/occasional guest room. 

I painted my work table white. I was going to stain the desktop, but it was too much trouble getting all the varnish off in order to stain it. 
 I threw some muslin fabric over the balcony furniture that we bring in during winter. This is just a temporary solution until I can paint the table. It got really beat up outside even though it's supposed to be patio furniture. I hope the kids can draw at the table while I'm working in here. 
 Still need to squeeze in a filing cabinet, probably in this corner. 

Then I wan to get some pretty wood moulding and make a frame for my corkboard. 
If I'd known this was going to be an art studio I think I would have painted the walls white. That would have been a good neutral backdrop for lots of colorful prints hanging to dry, but I love this green color so much. It was the first room I painted in the house which kind of makes me sentimental about it. I can't imagine painting over it, but you never know. 
 I also quickly sewed some pillow covers with some remnant fabric. I need to work on making this bed look more daybedish. Right now there are two mattresses stacked on top of each other and it looks a little strange. Next step is to rearrange the wall sconces that were positioned for two side-by-side beds.
 Some of my favorite decorating and crafting books. A lot of my books are still down in the basement, so I've got to get those up here. 
I'd love to have all my linocut supplies out in the open, but I think that would be too tempting for the kids. The closet already had some built in shelves and they are working out just fine for storage. 

Things I still need to work on in here:
Hang up some prints (and other pretty stuff)
Get some task lighting for the work table
Get my "inspiration board" up on the wall
Bring up the filing cabinet 
Sew a canvas cover (with a dropcloth maybe?) for the bed so it looks more like a daybed
Hang wire or string for drying prints


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