Colorful Canisters

Our kitchen is starting to come together. The wall is almost complete, we added some extra lighting, then we're on to painting, making Roman shades and tiling. 

Sounds kind of exhausting when I think of it, so I thought I'd have some fun looking for some colorful canisters to add a pop of blue or green (or both). That cute one above is a little spice jar. You can find it here

Colorful canisters aren't the easiest thing to find. Most seem to be white or glass, but Fiesta has a rainbow assortment like these. And that leaf motif is cute. 

Should I put some country in my kitchen? These would do the trick. Or look at these beauties. I don't know about you, but I can get enough of mushroom designs. Then there's this retro canister.  
This is where my canisters will go. It's one of the first views you get when you walk through our front door, so it'd be nice to have some canisters that pack a punch. OK, gotta review this list once more before deciding. And now that I'm looking at this pictures, I'm thinking orange might be cute, too. 


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