This has been a very confusing weekend for me, but finally this morning I figured out how to move my old domain name, Design Dreams Japan (which I lost completely for a couple of days), to this new site, Bluet and Clover. It's really not that complicated of a process, except for when you can log into your old registrar's site.

I've been meaning to do this switch for a long time, but it seemed kind of sad leaving the old site behind, even though the only thing that's changed is the URL and blog title. 

So why the switch? I thought it was a little confusing having a shop called Bluet and Clover with a website. So it was either change my shop name or change my website name. My shop name won. Now I can print out those business cards with a matching website address. 

So I hope you didn't have any problems finding me here and please don't forget to update your bookmarks!

Longchamp suitcase image via Saks


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