I'm still carving away on that block I showed you last week, but my wrist is sore so I thought I'd take a break and talk about all my fabulous plans to improve myself this year!

Goal #1 is to get in better shape. I'm not in terrible shape, but living in a place where we rely mostly on our cars means I haven't been walking as much as when I lived in a big city. Turns out my neighborhood friend was thinking the same thing. So we've been meeting up really early for a two mile walk. 

That's a shot of my neighborhood at the end of my walk, right now it's still pitch black when we start. 

On the days we don't walk together, I try and force myself to walk 3 miles. The hardest part is getting started when it's 10 degrees outside, but I'm doing OK so far. 

Goal #2. I also want to find more time for things like reading and working on new prints and other art. I'd like to experiment with collage and mixed media using my linocut prints. So that means waking up earlier because I can barely keep my eyes open past 9:30 p.m.

Goal # 3. Take up a winter sport which I've decided will be cross country skiing. I've always wanted to try this and next weekend will be my first outing. 

This year I'm going to slowly work my resolutions (there are a few more I haven't mentioned) into my schedule. I figure by not attempting to do everything all at once, I'll be more likely to accomplish some of my goals. 

So do you have any New Year's Resolutions? I hate talking about myself all the time, so please tell me about you!


Anonymous said…
I also want to get more exercise, but probably with a yoga video. I feel like walking doesn't do much for me.
Vanessa said…
Yoga is always good, although I love pilates even more. Another resolution... start pilates again.

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