Have you heard of 1stdibs yet? It's a site that sells antiques from around the world. The first time I read about it in a magazine I thought, I can't afford to shop there. The second time I read about it, I thought the same thing: no can do. The antiques pictured with the story just looked too fancy. 

But today I was curious enough to register on their site. You have to register in order to check out the prices. 

I really want something unique to hang above the breakfast table in the kitchen and they do have unique. 

The lowest price range search for pendant lights in Chicago is $0 to $1,000. Yikes. I'm more into the $0 to $100 range. But it turns out there are a few antique pendant lights closer to zero than 1,000. 

I'm not sure if I'll end up buying anything, but it's fun looking. And we did save a bundle by choosing to tile the kitchen floor ourselves. We're also putting up the beadboard in the bathroom ourselves, too. So we'll see.

Images via 1stdibs.

p.s. I wasn't exactly accurate in my last post when I called it a wrap! What can I say, I'm in a blogging mood today! 


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