Gettin' There

 I was hoping to have this post up today with gorgeous pictures of our newly renovated bathroom. My only concern was would I have time to run to Home Goods to buy a few finishing touches: towels, pictures frames, a quirky ceramic thing or two. 


We have made tremendous progress over the weekend. Or I should say my husband has. My job was to prime the back of the pine beadboard* before it went up. I read that you should do that to keep it from expanding and contracting, which could cause the boards to pull away from each other. So I got off pretty easy this weekend, but my husband has worked his butt off to get to this point. Before the paneling he had to put up two layers of drywall. Two layers were needed to get the bottom wall flush with the top wall (a handyman gutted the old tile wall to the studs).  
 We had to get the beadboard on that wall pictured above because the plumber is coming to instal the sink tomorrow. We can't very well instal beadboard after the sink is in place. 
 My job today was to sand and put on two coats of semi-gloss paint/primer. Of course, we still need to add the baseboard and top trim which will be a little shelf. 

If you're considering installing beadboard by yourself, you probably came across this video. Mr. T and I found it very informative, but unless you have a decent amount of carpentry experience, don't expect to be breezing through this project all perkily like the video hosts. 

In the video, they mention using a level every so often to make sure things are plumb. Well, 3 strips in, we discovered that they were seriously unplumb. So off all the paneling came (the first strip was ever-so-slightly off) and Mr. T started all over again.  
We've worked so hard on this whole renovation, so I want to make sure I pick the right paint colors for the wall above the white beadboard. I've considered pretty much every color imaginable. I started out a Timid Tina (very pale blue and greens) before becoming a Daring Donna (navy, orange) and now I've come to accept that I'm more of a Midway Mary, but I still can't decide on which medium color to go with. Medium blue, medium yellow or medium green? So I guess that really means I'm a Wishy-washy Wanda. 

Care to share your opinion on bathroom wall colors? DIY paneling jobs? Brad and Angelina's rosé? Crashing meteors? Ashley Judd in a senate race? 

*Spellcheck is insisting that I must mean "breadboard" not "beadboard." I've been known to succumb to spellcheck's seductive ways, so if you happen to read that I just love the breadboard walls in our bathroom, please know that I mean beadboard, not breadboard. 


ANNE said…
I'm into year 3 of my bathroom reno so I can sympathize! lol

Looks like you've got a great start. Can't wait to see the final reveal!!
Anonymous said…
Sorry progress is going so slow. What's the deal with the old mirrored medicine cabinet. Are you keeping it?
Vanessa said…
Thanks Anne. You must be the most patient woman on earth. I can't even manage 3 weeks!
Vanessa said…
I love it, but I think it will be replaced. I'll probably just make a simple wood frame for a new mirror and hinge it onto the old cabinet.

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