Printable Valentine's Cards

There are many joys associated with being a parent, but one unexpected perk is that Valentine's Day becomes more delightful. I'll skip the details of my single gal love life and get to the point of today's post. 

My daughter has a class party tomorrow and needs some Valentine cards. My first thought was to go out and buy some. Then I thought, wait a minute, maybe I should just design some. There are probably a dozen other things I should have done this afternoon, but taking a break to have some fun on the computer seemed like a much better option than anything else. I should also give credit to my daughter who gave me very specific art direction. I had to include hearts, an xoxo, and the message had to be in dark pink. 

I printed these out on my home printer on heavy cardstock. Please feel free to download the cards if you need some last minute Valentine's! I'm off to hug my little valentines. 


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